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The big news in the Williams household this week was picking up the keys to our new house from the estate agent. It seems to have taken a very long time, and I won’t bore you with it, but now comes the renovation project, bringing the 1928 mid-terrace into the 21st century.

For some tips, I’ve been consulting George Marshall’s very useful site theyellowhouse. Marshall is the author of the excellent Carbon Detox and founder of the Climate Outreach and Information Network. The Yellow House is one of his side projects, and charts the greening of his own terraced house, making it as low-impact as possible.

The website has pages for each room, with details of salvaged furniture, energy saving measures, environmentally friendly paints, appliances, insulation and all manner of clever little ideas. It’s a simple and homemade site, but crammed with useful information. Is a dishwasher better than washing dishes by hand? Are radiators better on internal walls or under windows? Electric or gas cooker? George has already been there, and is saving me a lot of research time.

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