Tom Hodgkinson on making wealth history

“I”ve often said that far more sensible than a ‘make poverty history’ campaign would be a ‘make wealth history’ campaign. It is, after all, the wealthy people who do all the damage. The less money you earn, the fewer resources you use up.”

Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson in this month’s Ecologist column, echoing our philosophy while not actually referring to us, by the way.


  1. Surely now’s the time to get in contact with him somehow! I bet he’d be really pleased that the campaign is already running! And he’d love your work.

  2. Hello, Tom here. Sorry for not mentioning your campaign. That was rather remiss of me. I am going to spruce up the Idler’s links section soonish, so I will make sure that I link to you under a Causes and Campaigns heading, or similar.

    PS Have you seen artist Sadie Hennessy’s badges: “make poverty trendy”?

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for dropping by. Word about the site trickles out slowly, so a link would be great.

    And I’ve not come across Sadie Hennessy. A Make Poverty Trendy badge is a nice little idea, although I’m pretty sure I’d get beaten up if I wore one here in Luton…

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