What we learned this week

  • Make Wealth History has been shortlisted in the Jubilee Centre‘s search for the ‘best Christian blog’ engaging in political and social issues. If you want to vote for us, here’s the shortlist.
  • The world’s largest offshore wind farm opened this week off Thanet in Kent. It’s seven miles off the coast, but I bet even now there’s someone complaining about how it’ll ruin the landscape.
  • Foreign Policy, one of my favourite online magazines, has this great article on the Millenium Development Goals, the save-the-world clock.
  • And I didn’t know there were still any ocean dwelling nomads, so this photo essay on the Bajau Malay was intriguing. Check out the boy and his pet shark.

10:10’s day of action on the 10th October is a couple of weeks away, and they get this month’s banner.


  1. Last week I was able to attend a forum on faith and poverty at the UN here in NYC. It was hosted by Yale Divinity School and was the launch of their latest issue of Reflections (a magazine of theological and ethical inquiry). The panelists were academics studying these issues. I found it very interesting and I’m continuing to be engaged by the more in depth essays in the magazine, which I think they will send you for the cost of shipping. There is a webcast of the forum on their website. I thought you or other readers might be interested in checking it out: http://www.yale.edu/reflections/

    Simply Flaw-thentic
    New York, NY

  2. Oh. Here’s another thing that’s kinda cool. On 10-10-10 here in NYC, churches will be informing their congregations about the new Fair Wage Act which would require subsidized developments in NYC to pay their workers a living wage. This would not only include direct employees of the developer, but also any company (including retail) that rents space from the developer.

    Clergy gathered at a prayer breakfast a few weeks ago, which included Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist representatives, to learn about the issue. On 10-10-10 we’ll be filling out cards to send to our neighborhood council people. This could be life changing for low wage workers in NYC. And it’s amazing to see all of these faith communities come together to fight for it.

    More details are at http://www.livingwagenyc.org/

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