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Ten facts about cold homes

It’s snowing in Britain this week, earlier than usual. Snow hasn’t fallen this deep in November since the 60s. As long as the travel conditions don’t deter people, it’s a good week to be holding an event on how to make your home warmer. If you’re in Luton tonight, drop by Get Cosy on Hart Lane and join in.

Here are ten reasons to take cold homes seriously:

  • Domestic fuel bills have gone up 125% is the last five years.
  • British households now pay an annual average of £1,200 on their gas and electricity.
  • In 2004 there were 1.2 million households in England living in fuel poverty (spending more than 10% of income on gas and electricity). Today there are 4 million.
  • British Gas estimates that £1 in every £4 spent on heating is wasted through inadequate insulation.
  • Loft insulation will save £145 a year, paying for itself in two years and lasting for 40.
  • Children in insulated homes visit their doctors less often, and have better school attendance records.
  • Mortality in the UK rises 18% in winter, but it only rises 10% in Norway, which is far colder.
  • Cold contributed to 40,210 ‘excess winter deaths’ across the UK last winter.
  • Insulating the homes of everyone living in fuel poverty would create 35,000 jobs.
  • 27% of Britain’s carbon emissions come from household heating and hot water.

More facts here.

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