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In Transition 2.0

You’ve all seen In Transition 1.0, the Transition Towns movie, right? I should hope so. You may have noticed the 1.0, and that’s because there was no way the first documentary could claim to have told a definitive story, especially so early in the history of the movement. More iterations of the film were to follow, and here’s the next one.

Version 2.0 looks like it’s slicker, broader in scope, and full of new examples. The Transition idea is growing into itself all the time, and there are more and more stories to draw from, bigger projects and more communities experimenting together. I suspect it’s a much stronger film, just as the most recent Transition books feel more complete, more real and less theoretical.

Preview screenings of In Transition 2.0 were happening this week, so expect to see it out and about in the spring. I’m looking forward to showing it in Luton, and since the DVD comes with over a dozen different subtitled editions, there’s no excuse for not showing it where you are too. Here’s the trailer:

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