What we learned this week

  • How do you think the EU is handling its foreign relations? It just got its report card. (Warning – probably an international relations geekery link)
  • There are plenty of activists opposing Britain’s high speed rail plans. As far as I know none of them are doing so because they suspect it’s a UN plot.
  • The charity Ethical Oil is not what you think it is – see their ad below:

HT Post Carbon Institute

1 comment

  1. It’s a bizarre world. Tea party activists suspect communist agenda 21 conspiracies in regional US planning councils. Alberta tar sads as source of ethical oil (which, aside from everything else, helps Arabian women in what way, exactly?). And the EU sccore card… all would be better, if we’d only increase our defence spendings. Obviously. Why didn’t I think of that before. But slow finance sounds reasonable. Common sense, so to say.


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