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Kate Raworth on the safe space for humanity

I’ve mentioned ‘doughnut economics‘ before, the idea that there is a safe space for human life to flourish. There are both upper and lower limits to human wellbeing, and we need to remain between them. It’s a useful way of thinking about development and the economy, and in this talk for the RSA, Oxfam senior researcher Kate Raworth explains it very well in 15 minutes.

It’s also backs up the key message of this blog – that if we want to end poverty without wrecking the planet, we need to reduce our consumption in the overdeveloped world.


  1. Just offering my thought and a couple of Tolstoy’s –

    Previously, The world has been so vast that, for many, it has been impossibly hidden from view that a principle on the micro scale also occurs on the macro scale, as in the whole earth – planet – system.
    Now, many more can see it happening over our system. But we have no resource to stop it, though many are struggling to do as best as possibile towards that end.

    This talk by Kate Raworth, (in my opinion), shows us this principle, that if people eat more of the cake than they need, eventually it will make many others angry and a shortage of cake for everyone, with many sick and dying from their lack of needs. It is indeed pretty obvious really, isn’t it. But there are those who want to keep taking more than they need (much more), and those who know not how, but are attempting to reduce the havoc on earth, and those who do not realise the cause.

    I could not help but note these words of Tolstoy, taken from his ‘What Then Must We Do?’:-
    ‘But besides the remoteness of people from the truth, there is another cause which keeps them from seeing that it is obligatory for them to undertake the simplest and most natural physical work: this is the complexity of the circumstances and inter-connected interests of those among whom a rich man lives.’ And – ‘The more money anyone spends the more he obliges others to work for him; the less he spends the more he works’ ‘

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