What we learned this week

  • Bitcoins, the online currency experiment, crossed the $1 billion mark recently and is showing all the signs of a bubble.


  1. Guilding talked about going to hell and back then pulling together, but now a few institutions start talking about Climate Change and victory is at hand? Excuse me if I’m just a touch skeptical.

    1. I share your skepticism, but I linked to his article because it’s an unusual perspective in environmental circles, where hand-wringing is the order of the day. I think his most interesting observation is that the calls to action have moved from people who are routinely ignored by politicians (environmentalists, scientists) to those that aren’t (energy agencies, economists).

      The ‘victory’ needs to be qualified though. It’s a victory for those making the case for climate action – the case is made. It’s not a victory for the action itself. There’s still little sign of that.

  2. I find the reduction in the US consumption of coal and our increased use of natural gas and re-newables to be exciting.
    I know burning oil isn’t popular, but the idea that we can provide all of our own in a few years is also exciting. Hopefully while we have this independance we will continue to invest in the R&D needed to enhance and create new re-newable energy sources.
    Eventually these new extraction technologies will suck the holes dry.

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