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The water – food – energy nexus

Yesterday I mentioned the US military advisory board and their report on climate change and security. One of the key threats they identify are pressures on food, water and energy, which they see as interlocking. They call this the water-food-energy nexus, and they suggest that “the projected impacts of climate change are most profound in areas where the water-food-energy nexus is already stressed.”



  1. Jeremy, Do you know if contraceptives are now available for all who need them globally and education to go with them? (I am aware that not all are prepared to use them). If it is not, I think a petition is necessary, even if there’s already been one. The matter sounds outdated but perhaps it is still not up to scratch?

    1. No, we’re sadly nowhere near that situation! It sounds like an old idea, yes, but apparently that argument isn’t won yet. The question of who delivers those services is a big one.

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