What we learned this week

  • Honey Care Africa is a nice little project addressing poverty through sustainable beekeeping.
  • Generaytor is an online community for solar power. You can join and compare your solar system to others nearby to see how it’s performing, or see what your home might be able to generate if you haven’t invested yet.
  • Speaking of solar – did you see the little wave of media hysteria over solar power and the risk of power shortages during the expected eclipse in March? The report cited by sensationalist articles in the Express, the Independent and others actually says “we are confident that the National Grid will cope well with the 2015 eclipse.”


  1. I know the imprecision Oxfam use with ‘inequality’ Inequality is like poverty, there are different kinds (With poverty there is absolute and relative (which is just a type of income inequality). With inequality there is wealth, income and consumption inequalities which are different). They made a big play pre Davos about wealth inequality and here they are looking at Gini which is income inequality. Hardly surprising they don’t know how to reduce it since they don’t stick to a meaning.

      1. Different types of inequality have different causes and solutions to solve one exacerbate others. You can’t say everything is a problem if you are serious.

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