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Now we have a plan

Over the last five years Ellen MacArthur has become the leading advocate of the circular economy, an unexpected career change after her success in sailing. In this talk from this year’s TED conference, she explains why her experiences as a solo sailor led directly into her work in sustainability. An inspiring story from a remarkable woman, and well worth a quarter hour of your time.


  1. It is so refreshing to hear others connecting the dots between our finite resources and economic system, I would like to see her eventually take her understandings one step further and realize the damage money actually does to society and people.
    Thank you so much for sharing this video.

  2. Reblogged this on Ideas Of Mass Destruction and commented:
    I remember watching as Ellen MacArthur stepped of her boat on to dry land in Falmouth, having completed her solo around the world trip in record time! It was such an incredible achievement and I was honoured to be there to see the last moments along with hundreds possibly thousands of others!

    But seeing this video has chanced that and i’ll tell you why… Since then I have heard very little about Ellen MacArthur. To be blunt I was not really that bothered by this, not in a horrible way just I assumed she had gone off and lived her life after an amazing achievement, also i’m not one who keep up with the celebrity intrusion the media imposes on us. But to me this 16 minute speech on TedTalks has top her achievement of that, not only have she given up her life saving but she has brought people together and set up this tremendous Ellen MacArthur Foundation I applaud her for the second time, in well my life I suppose. I hope to read more about it and see it’s achievements grow and grow in the eye of sustainability.


    1. Yes, I remember that moment too, although I only saw it on television. I think she did step away for a little while, but the Foundation has been around for a few years now and she’s doing a remarkable job!

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