What we learned this week

  • Who owns England? is a new crowd-sourced project aiming to map land ownership in England. That could be a valuable tool in making the case for land reform or land based taxation, so if you’re able to chip in, take a look.
  • I had an email this week from Choolip.com, which aims to be a kind of Airbnb for gardening. If you’ve got a garden you can’t keep up with, you can rent it out. Early days yet and it may never reach critical mass, but the profit motive may be enough to make it a success where the voluntary landshare failed.
  • My brother just switched to Ecotricity, which is my energy supplier of choice. Should you be thinking about doing the same, use the referral code RAF-QH3ZL and both of us will get a £50 voucher for Ecotopia.
  • When I was a child, the pope came to visit Madagascar and all the roads were resurfaced between the airport and the stadium where he was speaking. I was reminded of this because William and Kate are visiting Luton next week. They’ll be dropping in on Youthscape, which is next door to my office, and the council are having the street repaved at this very moment. I am not sure what to make of this.

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