What we learned this week

After the government systematically dismantled any incentives for making it work, only one community energy project got off the ground last year in Britain England. This is a spectacular missed opportunity.

Sam Alexander has a home biogas digester. And why not – there are 40 million of them in China. It works, and it confirms my hunch that I should fit one myself.

I am happy to have been wrong about the feasibility of electric trucks, which I thought were a long way off. With Irizar this month, that’s at least eight companies have now announced electric truck units for the haulage industry.

Are non-violent movements more effective than violent movements? Which has a better chance of success? Ed Cairns looks at some new research on the From Poverty to Power blog.

This week I’ve been reading the news at The Age, and it’s been interesting to see how preoccupied Australia is with China. Next week I’ll be reading the Gulf News from Dubai.


  1. Oh Jeremy, don’t get into the Guardian habit of confusing England with Britain. Awesome Energy (Dalriada) was established and our hydro scheme in Argyll came on line in January. When it eventually starts raining again we shall be contributing up to 8 MWh of low carbon electricity to the local grid daily. But yes you are right, the brutal ending of the FiT regime has effectively stalled further developments. This does need to be reassessed to support remote communities and the development of local grid technologies.

    1. You’re right, that’s information from Community Energy England that the Guardian has reported as Britain in its leading sentence. I missed that, and have corrected it – thanks. Paul told me about your involvement with community hydro, so you would know firsthand that there’s more going on than one project!

      What’s particularly frustrating is how deliberate it is. Community energy hasn’t just been ignored, it’s been systematically undermined. There’s really no other explanation when you look at some of the steps the government has taken – and all after they published their community energy strategy saying they backed it. Very odd.

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