What we learned this week

America’s largest irrigated crop is front lawns, Grist point out in this imaginative piece on grass and its alternatives.

The Climate Change Committee’s report on a zero carbon Britain came out this week and got a good share of headlines. I particularly appreciated a Financial Times editorial that said the report “should be applauded as a blueprint”, and that “the government should seize the opportunity to put Britain on the right path on climate change.”

For those who enjoy a good writing competition, CUSP’s nature writing for the common good might be worth a look.

The Vuelio PR agency has ranked this blog at number two in the top ten green blogs in Britain for this year, a fall of one place. Top place goes to Moral Fibres.

A quick request from me – if you’ve read The Economics of Arrival and enjoyed it, would you be willing to write a review online? We particularly need Amazon.com reviews to restore balance to the universe after a malicious one-star review.

While I’m plugging things, Crowdfunder of the week is shamelessly one of mine – some friends and I are attempting to turn a derelict building into a cafe and community hub in People’s Park, Luton. We’ll be turning to bigger funders later, but if you fancy chipping in to help us fund architect’s fee and planning permission, any donations are much appreciated! (See PeoplesPark.cafe for details)

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