What we learned this week

Having discussed climate denial as a crime against humanity this week, should there be an international tribunal for climate crimes? The Oxford Research Group asks the question.

There is growing interest in Citizens’ Assemblies as a participative mode of democratic decision making, especially since Extinction Rebellion proposed one for climate change. The SNP say they’d like one for Scotland, and Ipsos Mori discuss what that might mean.

Speaking of Scotland, the Church of Scotland synod voted this week to declare a climate emergency, and then voted against divestment from fossil fuels. I know good people who are working on this who will be banging their heads in despair at this, and it shows the depth of the moral challenge of climate change. Even in the church, we can say the right things but keep taking the money from the destruction of the planet.

Despite having something of an interest in such things, it has taken me until this point in the year to learn that 2019 is the British government’s ‘Year of Green Action‘.

For Luton folks, some of us have started a local Extinction Rebellion group, and we held our first social in Wardown Park on Sunday afternoon. You can join the Facebook group if you’re interested, and put the 8th of June in your diaries for a launch event.

I’m on half-term this week and away in the Lakes, so any new content on the blog is automated and I might not get to your comments. Thanks!

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