What we learned this week

I wrote two years ago about how London could become the world’s first urban national park. It officially launched this week, so it’s nice to be able to report the success of that campaign. Now it’ll be interesting to see how the designation helps to protect and enhance the city’s green spaces and the access to them.

Should we pursue endless economic growth? asks Prospect Magazine. Yes, says former BP CEO John Browne. No, says Jason Hickel. Ding ding.

Nice to see the Guardian describe the global plastic problem in the form of a comic. A creative approach to an important story.

The world’s top three transnational crimes are as follows: 1) counterfeiting 2) drug trafficking 3) illegal sand extraction. Kudos to you if you knew the third one – see more at SandStories.org

I’m off on holiday tomorrow. There’s a full week of blog posts scheduled because I’m good to you like that, but I won’t be around to reply to comments. I’m aware that there have been some pretty heavy posts lately, so I can promise you a couple of nice solutions-based stories coming up soon.

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