What we learned this week

The Campaign for a Steady State Economy (CASSE) have a live global GDP counter as the new landing page for their website. They say it’s the first of its kind on the internet, and describe how it is calculated here.

Is Boris Johnson’s the most anti-climate action ever? asks Desmog UK. On the evidence they present, I’d say it’s a clear no (that would go to David Cameron’s 2015 cabinet) – but it’s still a pretty sorry state of affairs.

The New Economy Journal reviewed The Economics of Arrival this week. It concludes: “By combining a devastating critique of our current status quo with a comprehensive, convincing and practical framework for an alternative society, one is left feeling hopeful and empowered.”

Financial advisor Tim Day got in touch this week to tell me about Ethical.Money, a new ethical investing service. Investors and savers wanting to avoid fossil fuels, weapons etc. and learn about other ethical options might want to investigate.

Great to see Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon flying the flag for wellbeing economics, with a recent TED talk on the subject.  “GDP values activity in the short term that boosts the economy, even if that activity is hugely damaging to the sustainability of our planet in the longer term” she warns. Instead, “the objective of economic policy should be collective well-being: how happy and healthy a population is, not just how wealthy a population is.”

Crowdfunder of the week goes to Disarm the Base, a co-operative boardgame about breaking into an air base and sabotaging their warplanes.

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