What we learned this week

I’ve been camping in a field in Hampshire this week, and am currently at the Greenbelt festival, speaking on the theme ‘We are Earthbound’ right about now. Normal service will resume at some point, probably when the kids go back to school…

It’s usually depressing reading, but the Electoral Reform Society have released their customary audit of Britain’s 2019 local elections. A useful reminder of how first-past-the-post fails us and why electoral reform is so necessary – in one town the Conservative Party won 43% of the vote, and every single seat on the council.

Speaking of councils, Luton is the biggest shareholder in Luton Airport and justifies airport expansion by claiming that it pays for local services. Here’s a council that is paying for services with solar power instead.

With Germany set to miss its climate targets, DW.com asks what can it learn from its neighbour the Netherlands? Useful for non-Germans too obviously, as the Netherland’s climate plans haven’t been widely recognised.

Would people object to wind turbines less if they were made from wood? Low Tech Magazine wonders if we should look again at small-scale wind power.

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