What we learned this week

The Daily Mail’s Christmas campaign is to encourage their readers to plant a million trees. As I mentioned recently, planting trees is one of the few things all the political parties agree on. If we don’t have a mass planting project in the next five years, something will have gone wrong.

The drought in Australia may have reduced its carbon emissions. Temporary, and offset by rises elsewhere, but I suspect we shall see this phenomenon again elsewhere as the climate crisis intensifies.

Also in Australia, Perno-Ricard have become the country’s first winemaker to be 100% powered by renewable energy.

Interesting perspective on fossil fuels divestment from Stefann Andreasson, who suggests that it disadvantages shareholder corporations to the benefit of state-owned companies, which are harder to hold to account.

I’ve ignored Black Friday entirely, as usual. But kudos to Peak Design, orginators of the Climate Neutral badge I wrote about last week. They sent an email this week to tell their customers off. “Fact: our customers are four times less likely to click on an email about a solution to climate change versus an email about a Black Friday sale.” This is the campaign they were hoping would get more attention.


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