What we learned this week

Great news from the High Court this week, which ruled that a third runway at Heathrow was incompatible with climate targets and therefore illegal. We’ve known this for years, but it hopefully sets a legal precedent for addressing aviation expansion in Britain more generally, including Luton Airport.

“Our affluent living standards simply cannot be globalised while remaining within safe planetary limits” writes Samuel Alexander at The Conversation. “We need degrowth, which means planned contraction of energy and resource demands.”

A quarter of all tweets about the climate are produced by bots, according to the Guardian. 95% of the fake ones are climate sceptic in tone.

Millionaires Against Pitchforks is the wryly titled open letter from very rich people to other very rich people, asking them “to step forward now – before it’s too late – to demand higher and fairer taxes on millionaires and billionaires.” Bookmark this one for the next time you see someone dismissing redistribution or inequality as the politics of envy. A great many wealthy individuals recognise that the economy is stacked in their favour and agree that it cannot go on like that.

News from Possible that their Climate Perks scheme, which enourages employers to give ‘travel days’ to staff to allow them to holiday more sustainably, now has over 50 signed up organisations. Send the link to your boss.

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