What we learned this week

Could heat as a service be a useful business model in decarbonising Britain’s heating? Business Green reports on two current pilot programmes.

Also on renewable heat, check out this BBC video clip about how Transport for London is using heat from the subway network to heat homes and a school. If it works, they’ve got a bunch more vents where they could apply the same technology.

A central plank of the Paris Agreement process is that countries voluntarily raise their ambitions over time, encouraging each other to do better. So it’s depressing that only four countries – the Marshall Islands, Suriname, Norway and Switzerland – announced an upgraded plan for 2030 by the February 9th deadline.

On a related topic perhaps, is 1.5 degrees beyond us now? David Roberts suggests we need to confront the awkward truth about staying within 1.5 degrees of warming, without losing hope for pausing at 1.6 or 1.7 or as soon as possible.

When you consider that solar panels, fibre optics cables and identifying forest fires from space are all photonic techologies, light plays a significant role in sustainability, according to a new report on the subject.

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