What we learned this week

I was quite excited that Google had decided to apologise for funding climate denial think tanks – until I realised it was an April Fool’s from Extinction Rebellion US.

I know from previous posts that there are some fans of the Stirling engine among readers. You may be interested in Azelio, who have developed a renewable energy plus storage system based around the Sterling engine.

BBC Radio 4’s environmental reportage programme Costing the Earth covered Tearfund’s report on burning plastic this week.

On the subject of plastic, Adidas has developed a trainer made out of reprocessed ocean plastic. Obviously we would do best by reducing plastic use upstream, but these sorts of projects create a market for ocean plastic and incentivise people to go and gather it up.

Here’s one of the founders of Rapanui clothing explaining how they use Raspberry Pi based DIY robotics to make their factory more efficient, so that they can stretch for the sustainability measures that would otherwise be unaffordable.


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