What we learned this week

Not so long ago the received wisdom was that you could make electric cars, but it wouldn’t be feasible to move heavy goods vehicles electrically. We/I was wrong about that and electric trucks are definitely on their way – here’s the vegan ‘milk’ company Oatly and their announcement that they will switch to electric trucks in Sweden and cut 87% of emissions.

Speaking of milk, it was International Tea Day recently, and the UN FAO announced a project to produce carbon neutral tea in Kenya. Notable not just for the idea, but as a good example of international cooperation – the project uses techniques developed in China, and then applied in Kenya by a German NGO.

Which country has had the smartest response to Coronavirus? Mongolia, says Indi Samarajiva. Zero deaths, zero local transmissions, and it’s well worth reading the article before saying ‘yeah but it’s Mongolia.’

Congratulations to my friend and co-author Katherine Trebeck for her appointment as an economic advisor to the Scottish government as it looks at embedding sustainability in its post-covid recovery. Great to see the Wellbeing Economy Alliance making strides in Scotland.

The Flip is a Youtube discussion show looking at how to “flip from corona virus to climate safety in just a few years.”

“Lockdown is the world’s biggest psychological experiment” writes Dr Elke Van Hoof at the WEF website. Useful for an overview of the impacts of the crisis on mental health and how the psychology of disasters tends to unfold.


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