What we learned this week

Why climate change is a civil rights battle, an article from Eric Holthaus at The Correspondent, is a great explanation of how climate change and race intersect, and contains many of the arguments I’m exploring in my new book.

A minor thing by comparison, but the government has announced that it will start adding a green ‘flash’ to zero emission vehicle licence plates from the autumn. Here’s my article on why that’s a useful idea, from my transport innovation series from 2018.

I’ve enjoyed highlighting Britain’s creeping decline in coal power, shifting from those first coal-free hours on the grid to our current two-month run without it. That progress begs the question of when we might see the first operation without gas. In 2025, is National Grid’s best guess.

Allow me to recommend the Fossil Fuel Ad Anthology, an instagram account documenting fossil fuel ads. A useful resource, as is its mother project, Emily Atkins’ Heated newsletter.

If you’re on GoodReads, you can now follow me as an author on there, if you’re so inclined. Amazon has an author page too.

Speaking of books, I recently finished Barbara Kingsolver’s novel Flight Behaviour, which someone usefully donated to the Little Lockdown Library outside my house. On the offchance that it was a local reader of the blog who thought I might like it, thank you – I did. It sets up an intriguing contrast between ordinary domestic life and the extraordinary disruption of the natural environment, and is probably the best climate themed novel I’ve read so far.

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