What we learned this week

I’ve enjoyed Foreign Policy magazine since I was an international relations student, so I was delighted that they’ve published an excerpt of my book: The racial violence of climate change.

On other book related matters, I recorded a podcast with Dr Myriam Francois of We Need to Talk About Whiteness and that came out this week.

The Royal Air Force is investigating options for zero emissions planes. The obvious place to start is with planes used for training flights, which usually only last 20 minutes.

Shout-out to some fellow bloggers at Ethical Consumer magazine’s new ethical blogger hub, which is about “sharing ideas, supporting other ethical champions and using their voices to disrupt, revolutionise and rebel.”

I’ve written before about overhead power cables for trucks, and there are rumours that this technology will be coming to UK motorways as part of a net zero transport upgrade.

The Science journal has produced a special issue on plastic, which includes a proposal for a global plastics treaty – something I expect we will hear more about in future.

Disclaimer: I’m still on holiday, so none of the above was actually learned this week. False advertising. I am currently in Wales, hopefully reading one of the books I brought with me in which environmental disaster does not feature.

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