What we learned this week

“The fossil fuel industry is facing an existential threat”, says DW.com, and plastic is a lifeline. An imaginatively presented graphical feature on plastics and fossil fuels.

“42 years ago, people would laugh at you and say, ‘Well, there’s no such thing as environmental racism. And there’s no thing as environmental injustice'” – Robert Bullard on the slow acceptance of environmental justice. “We’ve made progress” he adds, “but there’s still a lack of understanding of these issues.”

Greenpeace’s investigative team round up the best environmental journalism stories of 2021 – “the stories we wish we had written”.

Lego has announced its first carbon neutral factory. The $1 billion facility will open in Vietnam in 2024 and will be LEED Gold certified and entirely solar powered.

If you’re looking to study economics, where are you going to go that will teach a healthily pluralist curriculum? A list of universities you might want to consider.

On the subject of courses, my friends at the Praxis Centre for Hope and Activism are running their next action lab for Christian activists – details here. And Shaun Chamberlin is doing something similar with the Surviving the Future series.

Climate Change is Racist – now in audiobook

I know some of you have been waiting for the opportunity to listen to my book, so just a quick note to say that the audiobook was released this week. Climate Change is Racist: Race, Privilege and the Struggle for Climate Justice has been produced by Bolinda as a digital download or on CD if…

What I learned from getting an EV charge point

Yesterday the electrician was round to fit a domestic charge point to the front of the house. We can now charge the car without having to run a cable through an open window, which is just in time for the first sub-zero temperatures of the season. For the benefit of anyone else considering one, here…

My books of 2021

Every year I like to review what I’ve read and pick some favourites. Here’s a list from 2021, in no particular order. Click on the titles for full reviews, and they’re available from Earthbound Books UK (or US). A Bigger Picture, by Vanessa Nakate Having said no particular order, this one would be my top…

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