Introducing Zero Carbon Luton

Last week I told you about a local project to place some Little Green Libraries around the town where I live. It’s part of a wider programme in Luton that I’m working on in 2022, as a bit of an experiment in networking, storytelling, and raising ambitions for the town’s response to the climate crisis.

Zero Carbon Luton is a not-for-profit agency created to support climate action in Luton. We’ll be looking at communications and sharing stories, celebrating what is already happening and connecting up different projects doing similar things across the area. We’ll be working on climate literacy and education, including re-skilling for green jobs. And because Zero Carbon Luton is incubated out of Youth Network, we’ll be focusing on youth leadership and opportunities from the start.

It’s early days. My friend Raheed Salam and I have been thinking and working on Zero Carbon Luton for a few months, and we really only started telling people about it this week. But if you’re in the area or just generally interested, have a look at the (fairly embryonic) website, and follow us on Twitter. Get in touch if you’d like to talk.

Most importantly, sign up for the Zero Carbon Luton Newsletter, which I’ll be writing on a monthly basis throughout 2022. If it’s useful and popular, I’ll carry on. It’ll bring together all the main news from the town as the council, businesses, schools and community groups take steps towards our goal of reaching net zero by 2040.

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