What we learned this week

In case you missed it, an article from me on the promise and the perils of hydrogen energy, for Mint Magazine.

I was under the impression that Scotland was the only country to put any money behind loss and damage at COP26. But not so: the Belgian region of Wallonia put up a million alongside them. First I’ve heard of this regional climate leadership.

I wrote recently about innovative approaches to plastic in Africa. Practical Action have something similar here on new approaches to waste.

Not everyone has got on board with the post-industrial aesthetic of the winter Olympics, but Dezeen celebrates the re-purposing of old industrial plants as high profile recycling.

I’ve been getting press releases about potato milk. Apparently it’s going to be a big thing. I don’t know.

I’ve been on half term this week and doing other things, so a slow week. Nevertheless, some highlights:

Book review: How to Blow up a Pipeline, by Andreas Malm

How to Blow up a Pipeline is a much discussed climate book of the moment, from the Swedish activist and academic Andreas Malm. It poses a provocative question: “At what point do we escalate? When do we conclude that the time has come to also try something different? When do we start physically attacking the […]

What we learned this week

Another one for the growing portfolio of solar-powered cars: the Squad Mobility City Car is a tiny vehicle for cities that can draw 20km of range each day from its own solar panels. Also on the topic of solar, Octopus have thrown their weight behind a scheme to build solar farms in Morocco and cable […]

The luxury of a temperate climate

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are today. I have just cycled back across town in the rain, and it looks like the sun is about to come again. It’s a cool 13 degrees C or so in Luton. Taken from the live picture at World Weather Online, here’s the state […]

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