What we learned this week

A little agrivoltaic update – researchers in South Korea have found that brocolli grows better under solar panels. In related news, I have trouble spelling the word broccoli.

The UK government neglected to mention meat and dairy in their new food strategy, despite livestock being a critical element of any credible plan to address climate change. Greenpeace have a petition.

Livestock aren’t just a cause of climate change. They also suffer its effects. 42C temperatures killed an estimated 10,000 cattle in Kansas last week.

One of the messages of my book on climate and race is that climate change is a multiplier of all forms of disadvantage, not just race. So it’s good to see it cited in a list of ten different climate injustices.

Chinese firm BYD has overtaken Tesla to become the world’s largest electric vehicle company. SAIC and Geely are also in the top five for global EV sales, in a sign of things to come.

Since its spectacular drop in value, Bitcoin’s energy use has fallen from the equivalent of South Africa to the equivalent of Norway.

A lot has happened this week, and if you’re anything like me you’ll have spent a couple of days hitting the refresh button on the live news. So here are some highlights from this week’s blog posts in case you missed them:

The huge impact of private jets

A mile down the road from my house is Luton Airport, currently Britain’s fifth largest airport. When it comes to private jets however, it’s number one – or at least it was pre-pandemic. More private jets come and go from Luton than from any other UK airport, with Harrods Aviation and Signature both based there.…

Kenyan boatbuilders turn to plastic

Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya, has a rich heritage of boatbuilding. Their traditional dhows were built from hardwoods that are increasingly expensive, and the industry has been undermined by cheaper fibreglass boats. But a new project could revive boat-building skills and help to clean up plastic pollution at the same time. The…

Green spaces for hot cities

This year has already seen a number of notable heatwaves. India and Pakistan were in the headlines earlier this year. Japan just came through the worst heatwave in 150 years. The town of Onslow in Australia equalled the highest temperature ever recorded in the Southern hemisphere, at 50.7C. In a warming climate, these stories are…


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