What we learned this week

Sarah Wilson at the Big Issue put in a Freedom of Information request to see airlines’ submissions to the government’s “jet zero” strategy. Here are the (dismal) results.

It has been interesting to witness the turning of public opinion against private aviation in the last few weeks, with France the first to suggest a ban on private planes.

“In a striking effort to distort reality, the longer the gas-driven energy crisis goes on, the more critics condemn net zero. This is — literally — gaslighting” writes Pilita Clark in the Financial Times.

We didn’t get as far as Finland on our Scandinavian train holiday, but if we had, we might have seen one of the playgrounds on board Finnish trains. Here are some other places that include play facilities on board to make it easier for families to travel long distances by rail.

Food waste charity Feedback are asking people to send an email to the government about a new proposal to get companies to publish figures on their food waste – a simply step that would improve accountability. Have you got a couple of minutes to add your name?

Book review: Nomad Century, by Gaia Vince

When I was working on my book on climate and race, I planned to write a chapter on migration. I didn’t include it in the final draft because my research opened up far more questions than I could satisfactorily answer for myself, let alone for readers. I have been on the lookout for a book…

How Iceland is encouraging sustainable cooking

Earlier this year I reviewed The Climate Change Cookbook, an attempt to bring climate awareness into people’s kitchens that sadly failed to mention cooking techniques. It’s also absent from many other cook books that otherwise offer more sustainable diets. My favourite vegan collection for example, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Much More Veg, contains dozens of variations…

The countries most ready for electric cars

Sustainable transport begins with active transport and then public transport, but cars will remain important for the foreseeable future. We have to stop burning oil in those cars if there is to be any hope of protecting a liveable climate, and that is a deeply embedded habit to unpick. It’s well worth keeping an eye…

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