Home from Greenbelt

I’ve been at the Greenbelt Festival this weekend with the family, where I got to speak in two different modes. I did a children’s author event around Max Counts to a Million, with games and jokes and silliness. And then in the evening I did a session on climate change, race and privilege that had no fun in it at all. Several people came to both, which must have been confusing.

A couple of people asked after the talk if they could use the graphics that I showed, and I said I would post some links. So here they are. There are various resources to go with Climate Change is Racist, including reading lists, discussion questions, etc. They are all hosted here, with a specific page for supporting graphics and maps. You’re welcome to use these.

In my presentation on Saturday I used two maps that weren’t in that collection, so I’ve just added them. That’s the projections of uninhabitability from the Xu et al study, which I’ve redrawn to match the rest of the set. I’ve included them below.

That same study is the starting point for Gaia Vince’s book Nomad Century, which I reviewed last week. Vince was also speaking at Greenbelt, as it happens. So was Helen Coffey of Zero Altitude, and other authors I’ve reviewed on the blog include Nick Hayes, Lucy Jones, Claire Bradbury, all interesting folks in a diverse and inclusive line-up.

Normal blog service will resume this week.

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