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The UN climate summit gets mean

The UN isn’t known for its wise spending. Previous summits have discussed how to end world hunger over foie gras and lobster, the hypocrisy seeming to pass heads of state by. Fortunately, Ban-Ki Moon has decided to come down hard on world leaders this time around, to try and impress some sense of urgency on them as the Copenhagen talks approach.

So, no entourages will be allowed at tomorrow’s gathering. Leaders can have just one aide, with the expectation that it’ll be the environment minister. Delegates from rich countries are paired up with poor countries in the discussions, so there can be no schmoozing and favouritism. At dinner, the worst polluters have been assigned tables with the countries worst affected, and they will hear from activists and campaigners.

All good ideas I reckon, to knock some sense of perspective into our heads of state. I just hope they still turn up.


  1. GLOBAL ALLIANCE AGAINST IGNORANCE GLOBAL STATE OF THE WORLD REPORT Humans in pathological denial THE CURRENT WORLD FORMULA OF PLANET DESTRUCTION 1950 World Population 2,5 billion World GDP 5 trillion USD 2009 World Population 6,75 billion World GDP 60 trillion USD In the entire history of the planet nobody has produced a shred of evidence why there should be a global market for stocks, commodities, precious metals and pollution that serves only a small band of racketeers to make billions in profit based on fictitious expectations or blatant planet destruction growth while effectively holding the rest of society and the global life support system to ransom for nothing other than personal gain and underlying economic growth that causes climate change. POPULATION GROWTH DRIVES ECONOMIC GROWTH THAT DRIVES CLIMATE CHANGE, WIPES OUT THE REMAINING NATURAL HABITAT AND EXTERMINATES EVER MORE FELLOW SPECIES YET IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE PLANET NOBODY HAS EVER PRODUCED A SHRED OF EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF POPULATION GROWTH/ECONOMIC GROWTH THAT WOULD JUSTIFY IT. No doubt at the Copenhagen “summit” the usual charlatans will postulate the usual slogans to deceive the public. In predominantly low IQ countries including Britain and the USA and exemplified by Singapore – the world’s most unsustainable racketeering economy that needs to import 99% of all its resources including food – where only a small minority have the appropriate IQ to understand the human quantum impact on the environment – more than 75% of the shopping zombie population deny the causes and effects of climate change in a reflection of the complete failure of the mass media/schools/universities to educate the masses about the destructive quantum impact their OVERPOPULATED planetary presence AND CONSEQUENTIAL GROWTH IN PLANET DESTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES has on the global life support system – instead focusing on the daily entertainment trivia/economic growth promotion through which the ignorant masses waste their futile existence. LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN PERVERTED INTO SLY AND DECEPTIVE DEMAGOGUERY THAT SERVES PURE SELF INTEREST OR NATIONAL AMBITIONS. If the whole world adopted the Singapore racketeering Nazi economy humans would need another planet to provide food and depleted resources and a dozen more planets to dump the toxic, nuclear waste mountains. Of course the Singapore Prime Minister cannot be expected to know this, he doesn’t have the necessary IQ so he keeps on waffling about economic growth in cohorts with the usual charlatans. APEC comprising about ¾ of the world’s population distinguishes itself for its sustained systemic corruption, sustained systemic indebtedness and sustained systemic environmental planet destruction – over-saturating the planet with ever more mass-produced mass-consumption waste by depleting finite resources with an avarice that is unprecedented in the history of the planet for which APEC is the uncrowned world champion closely matched by the EU. The latest APEC slogan is to find new “growth drivers” – as evidently the old ones have been exhausted – under the same old dishonest falsehood of “sustainable growth” that the APEC charlatans trumpet to the gullible/corrupt media that specialises in regurgitating the rubbish the political lackeys and their racketeering clique serve up to deceive/disorient the exponentially expanding moron/twitter masses. THE SWISS BANKS FLUSH WITH TRILLIONS OF TAX EVASION LAUNDERED APEC CASH SURVIVED THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS BECAUSE THEY HAD BOUGHT UP THE WORLD’S GOLD WHEN IT WAS AT AROUND 40USD TO THE OZ. BY HYPING THE GOLD PRICE TO OVER 1000 USD FOR A METAL THAT IS IN GLOBAL OVERSUPPLY AND DOESN’T GIVE A PENNY IN RETURN THE SWISS COPIED THE GLOBAL REAL ESTATE/CONSTRUCTION BOOM THAT INITIATED THE FINANCIAL CRISIS. THE FORMULA IS SIMPLE: LEND ANYBODY AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY WANT TO BUY UP REAL ESTATE/HOUSING/BRICK AND MORTAR AND THE ENSUING BUYING FRENZY WILL DRIVE UP THE PRICE IN A fraudulently portrayed GLOBAL ECONOMIC GROWTH WIN WIN SITUATION WHERE EVEN THE JOHNNIES COME LATELY WILL MAKE BIG BUCKS BECAUSE THE MARKET IS SUSTAINED BY THE MAFIA (read article from La Republica further down) AND DRIVEN BY GROWING GREED AND IGNORANCE. IT LED TO THE BIGGEST LEVERAGED DEBT BUBBLE/EXPLOSION/FALLOUT OF ALL TIMES THAT STARTED TO HIT THE BANKS WHEN SOME ASKED FOR REAL MONEY INSTEAD OF CONTINUING THE ESTABLISHED PRACTICE OF “RETIRING“ MASSIVE PAPER DEBT WITH EVEN MORE MASSIVE PAPER DEBT – a renowned apec/EU/Worldbank/IMF speciality. NOW LUMBERED WITH TRILLIONS OF TOXIC/IRRECOVERABLE DEBT THE BANKS HAVE INSTRUCTED THEIR USUAL TRADERS/DEALERS TO HYPE UP THE STOCK MARKETS TO COVER THE LEVERAGED EXPOSURE and produce the usual paper profits to justify the bloated share prices and commensurate billion dollar bonuses. THIS IS DRIVING GROWTH IN UNEMPLOYMENT AS EVER MORE COMPANIES MUST REDUCE COSTS TO SUSTAIN PROFITABILITY TO SUSTAIN THE RISING SHARE PRICE ON THE BASIS THAT THE BALLOON MUST CONTINUE TO RISE EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE TO THROW OFF BALLAST UNTIL OF COURSE IT WILL BURST. The Swiss banks have the advantage that they have unlimited Swiss government protected access to the world’s tax evaded hidden cash that enables them to avoid having to sell their gold because if that happened gold would soon go back to where it was; i.e. it’s real value of around 40USD and so will stocks that have been hyped on their planet destruction valuation. THE WORLD CAN NOW BE DIVIDED INTO CORRUPT COUNTRIES AND LAW AND ORDER COUNTRIES ON THE BASIS THAT THE CORRUPT ONES WILL ABSTAIN FROM HAVING THE SWISS BANKS TAX EVASION AND MONEY LAUNDERING FACILITIES INVESTIGATED FOR FEAR THAT THEIR OWN “LEADERS” HAVE WORLD BANK/IMF “LOANS/BACKHANDERS STASHED AWAY IN NOMINEE ACCOUNTS. (Former Philippine President Marcos successfully diverted some 2000 million USD in Worldbank loans into nominee Swiss bank accounts and he is hardly an exception going by the bulging Swiss banking assets – of course the Worldbank never check where their money goes: their United Nations duty is to hand it over and shut up – the more the merrier.) Swiss bank UBS took a 60 billion subprime hit like it was petty cash. GLOBAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FOR MORE PLANET DESTRUCTION IS BETTER THAN NEVER BEFORE The reason why you don’t hear about the Cocaine/drug culture that drives the global economic growth insanity is simple: the media who are supposed to tell you what’s going on in the world are themselves high on the stuff along with most if not all the high end earners/profiteers that benefit from the Cocaine inspired global fallout that drives their incomes, revenues, expenses and backhanders up, up and up. Having supported the Taliban under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden with money and weapons against Russia the media are now trying to convince the ignorant masses that their political masters are doing the right thing trying to beat the Taliban by simply ignoring the fact that NATO has changed sides yet again. (Senior Nato General says Afghanistan is a cheap military and weapons practice ground – that’s all) THE FACT IS THAT ALL YOU READ, HEAR AND SEE IN THE WORLD’S MEDIA/EDUCATION/INSTITUTIONS/GOVERNMENTS/BUREAUCRACIES IS SPONSORED/MANIPULATED/DIRECTED/CENSORED BY THE VESTED INTERESTS SO MUCH THAT UNBIASED INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM/REPORTING/INFORMATION/EDUCATION/HONEST PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY EXCLUDED FROM THEIR PROFESSIONS: THIS GLOBAL CORRUPTION IN THE NAME OF ECONOMIC GROWTH IS TO PREVENT THE DOMINO EFFECT OF ANYTHING THAT MIGHT STOP GROWTH: IT’S A GLOBAL JUGGERNAUT OF MILLIONS OF LOCOMOTIVES: YOU CAN’T HAVE ONE OR OTHER LOCOMOTIVE PUTTING ON THE BRAKES OR YOU’LL HAVE A GIGANTIC DERAILMENT EVEN IF IT SAVES THE PLANET FOR EVERYONE ELSE. What the junkies do not understand is that in the same way as they need to constantly increase the quantum of drug intake to maintain the effect: that quantum growth has a deteriorating impact on their judgement, ability and health that mirrors the deteriorating effect of the global quantum impact of economic growth. IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE PLANET NOBODY HAS EVER PRODUCED A SHRED OF EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF ECONOMIC GROWTH THAT WOULD JUSTIFY IT. A child grows into an adult but it doesn’t grow into an Elephant or Mammoth or something bigger. A human can eat and drink so much but when quantum exceeds capacity it will lead to sickness even death. In all spheres of life growth has its self-imposed limits – cancer leads to death – except human stupidity that sees growth as the solution instead of the problem. ECONOMIC GROWTH IS DESTROYING THE PLANET. And you’ll never hear of any of these overpaid, well connected snorters/drugs in champagne, one million pound birthday parties hedonists and their cronies that include the entire spectrum of those whose lifestyles are totally dependent on the economic growth bubble being arrested and charged under the drugs offences act because the law enforcement agencies have been told to go easy as these people are the “leaders” of society and without them we would be left with nothing but the ignorant herds/twits and twitters that breed the catatonic mass-consumption zombies that sustain the global planet destruction/climate change scenario. The fact is that lawbreaking drug use has in effect already been legalised for the privileged classes in the same sense that planet destructive environmental crimes are legalised through the quantum effect of economic growth and the economic growth ideology sustains the “highs“ of the drug culture ecstasy. It is debatable whether there is no long-term drug effect that would justify recreational use but only cretins would want to fly with pilots who are regular drug users or to be governed/advised/directed by junkies. TO ADVOCATE LEGALISING ILLEGAL DRUG USE PLAYS DIRECTLY INTO THE HANDS OF THE CRIME SYNDICATES THAT WILL THEREAFTER OPERATE AS APPROVED PRODUCERS/SUPPLIERS AND DISTRIBUTORS WITHIN A GLOBAL MARKET CLIMATE THAT IS BASED ON INCESSANT GROWTH/EXPANSION BACKED BY INCESSANT MARKETING/ADVERTISING/SPONSORING ACTIVITIES THAT WILL ADVANCE THE CURRENT PLANET DESTRUCTION MADNESS BEYOND ALL IMAGINATION. The so-called “elite” aka “leaders” and their racketeering associates who are regular drug users that push the global macro-economic planet destruction growth madness are today’s pilots who have lost control. They must be brought down to Earth and Reality to recognise that growth like “highs“ are self-destructive. THE REALITY THAT TODAY’S DEBT FINANCED WORLD ECONOMY THAT FEEDS AND IS FED BY THE AGGRESSIVE GROWTH MANIA OF AROUND 20% OF THE PLANET’S POPULATION IS LITERALLY DESTROYING THE GLOBAL LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM IS NOT ONLY COMPLETELY IGNORED BUT FUELLED BY THE STUNNING/CRIMINAL DECEPTION THAT MORE DEBT FINANCED GROWTH IS GOOD FOR HUMANS WHEN IN FACT IT WILL SIMPLY WIPE OUT WHAT’S LEFT IN A GLOBAL WASTELAYING SCENARIO. What really caused the so-called “Global Crisis”? “His story reflects the cocaine use that medical experts say is rampant in the City, London’s financial district. It’s a habit that often goes hand in hand with heavy drinking. Addict X says he and his mates wanted to maintain the thrill they felt at work as they poured into the Square Mile’s pubs and clubs after a day of getting high on finance.” (extract from a special Bloomberg report) In the world’s largest money laundering country aka the alpine yodel state that syphons off trillions from tax evaders/criminals the police and judiciary have been plainly told to lay off the Banks and the massive golden eggs they keep on laying and give them a break from the global market manipulation activities by letting them relax on cocaine etc. freely supplied by their Colombian clients. “Swiss banker Bradley Birkenfeld would do just about anything for the wealthy Americans who entrusted him with millions of dollars they wanted to hide from the Internal Revenue Service. He’d help them set up phony companies to conceal their deposits. He’d give them credit cards to access their hidden cash. On one occasion, he converted an American client’s money into diamonds, then smuggled the gems across the Atlantic Ocean in a toothpaste tube. Those actions, detailed by Birkenfeld in court documents, were part of a coordinated – and illegal – effort by his employer Swiss banking giant UBS , to help U.S. clients hide their fortunes from the IRS. Birkenfeld was one of about 6000 covert bankers whom UBS sends from offices in Geneva, Zurich and Lugano to the wealthiest enclaves of the U.S. and all over the world lately to China and India to woo clients for whom the bank sponsors an array of events – including art exhibitions, tennis/golf tournaments and regattas – at which Birkenfeld and other UBS bankers could rub elbows with wealthy tax evaders/racketeers who might be looking for a hiding place to stash their money away.” (from an article on Swiss bank UBS in the Los Angeles Times) This is the global culture of “city” dealers of the world’s banks – often from pretty rough backgrounds, ignorant and arrogant – who earn millions of dollars from manipulating markets with leveraged debt that goes into trillions. Massaging markets upwards has a twofold benefit for city dealers: it increases their annual multi-million dollar/pound/swiss franc bonuses and it expands the global economic growth bubble that inspires the global junkies for more of the same ad infinitum. OF COURSE THE PRESTIGIOUS CHARM OF UBS HAS IN NO WAY CHANGED – ANY WOULD BE RACKETEER CAN BE BOUGHT TO WORK FOR THEM PARTICULARLY FROM FELLOW BANKS WHO EMPLOY THE SAME STANDARDS. Total global derivative deals probably exceed 1000 trillion USD. Nobody knows the exact figure because it’s all about placing bets on bets up to 50 years ahead. Derivatives enable high end traders/dealers to buy up long and sell short etc. entire crops of rice, wheat, sugar, soya etc. ten or twenty years ahead without knowing whether these crops will still exist in the worsening climate change reality. It’s making profits based on bets that will be paid by tomorrow’s victims who have been born today. It makes roulette or chemin de fer in a Casino seem child’s play with petty cash. SO THAT IT CAN BE SAID THAT THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL CRISIS THAT DEBT FINANCED THE WORLD’S ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS THAT CAUSES ONGOING CLIMATE CHANGE, NATURE DESTRUCTION, BIODIVERSITY EXTINCTION and endless wars over resources – THAT WILL LEAVE THE PLANET WITH NOTHING BUT COCKROACHES, RATS AND HUMANS in overcrowded bunker cities – WAS CAUSED BY COCAINE ADDICTS WHO PLAY THE MARKETS TO FINANCE THEIR ADDICTION. In the entire history of the planet nobody has produced a shred of evidence why there should be a global market for stocks, commodities, precious metals and pollution that serves only a small band of racketeers to make billions in profit based on fictitious expectations or blatant planet destruction growth while effectively holding the rest of society and the global life support system to ransom for nothing other than personal gain and underlying economic growth. Why the Vatican and its associated “Economics” Institutes call it “Wealth Creation” and “Human Capital” Religious countries are easily identified by the lack of forests and trees particularly in urban areas or by the annual mutilation of the few trees left over; a speciality of France, Italy, Spain, Morocco etc. that mirrors the anti-Nature, anti-Biodiversity humans ueber alles ideology. Religious countries are also at the forefront of global corruption, racketeering, market manipulation and planet destruction because it’s all “predestined” by their so-called “god”. THE rampant urban development witnessed in recent decades along the Costa del Sol has close ties with the Italian Mafia. And the police are too inexperienced and weak to deal with these organised criminal gangs, which operate with the full complicity of some politicians on Spain’s southern coast. That is the damning conclusion of an investigation carried out by one of Italy’s leading daily newspapers, La Republica. Quoting police chiefs in Napoli, the article calls the Costa del Sol Garden of Eden for mafiosi (gang members) on the run from Italian authorities. Senior officers believe that entire families have relocated to Spain and use also parts of Catalunya and the Balearic Islands as a base. These families have intimate ties with construction and even enjoy the blessing of the local authorities. (and the catholic church?) When former Mayor “Jesus” Gil was sent to prison for corruption the Bishop of Malaga personally made a pilgrimage to the jail to demand publicly the release of Gil and miraculously it was granted. These racketeers are of course not only operating from their base in Spain but are the root cause of the worldwide construction boom that is covering the natural environment with concrete, tarmac and ever more bunkers surrounded by golf courses usually sponsored by equally notorious Swiss bank UBS who provide the project finance debt mountains to make it all look like real business. IF RELIGION IS ABOUT MORALITY AND ETHICS HOW COME IT DRIVES/FUELS/PROMOTES THE IMMORALITY OF THE FREE MARKET PLANET DESTRUCTION IDEOLOGY YET IMPOSES HYPOCRITICAL RESTRICTIONS OF SEXUALITY AND DENIES THE RIGHT TO FREE CONTRACEPTION BASED LIBIDO. Apart from an invented fellow they call “GOD” the cunning humans have set up the so-called United Nations under a Charter that would make even Comedians look stupid. This organisation has expanded into the world’s most expensive racket that feeds thousands of overlapping, mutually back scratching, planet destructive GOs and NGOs employing millions of parasites that all regurgitate the same slogans as soon as some marihuana geek has invented a new one. When they’re not jetting from resort to resort/sitting in VIP lounges/drivelling ever new rubbish or standing around aping each other they are busy dreaming up new environmental/peace solutions that involve hundreds of billions of dollars that they pretend benefit the global economy because these dollars must first be made from more planet/nature/biodiversity destruction. IF ALL THE MONEY THAT HAS BEEN WASTED ON THE UN IN THE LAST 50 YEARS HAD BEEN SPENT ON CONDOMS/FREE CONTRACEPTION THERE WOULD BE A MANAGEABLE/SUSTAINABLE PLANET EARTH FOR ALL. Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales said having homosexuals dress up as female saints during processions is horrendous and defeats the real purpose of the processions, i.e. to promote no contraception multiplication of ever more planet destructive shopping zombies – a staggering piece of hypocrisy from a member of the world’s largest transvestite freaks community that prescribes repressive sexual standards for all except for their own child abusers. The world’s most planet destructive per capita trading syndicate better known as European Union is a copycat organisation of the United Nations. The EU like the UN is an ever larger growing army of bureaucrats that employ thousands of sub-contracted consultants, lawyers, accountants to endlessly rewrite rules, regulations, laws and edicts that apparently make life easier for the citizens of the countries involved: The reality is that EU like the UN has and continues to foster nationalism, racism, regionalism, sexism, xenophobia and anti-immigration fervour that ultimately will lead to war going by the current violence and animosity displayed towards foreigners in just about every EU country. THE DEATH BLOW TO THE PLANET WILL COME FROM CHINA AND INDIA Take or give a few billions China with more than 17 times the population of Germany has today about the same annual GDP and India about 1/3 of its GDP with a similar population ratio. China and India’s economic growth is largely export driven. The worldwide debt financed “stimulus packages” have pumped trillions into the global economic growth bubble to reignite mass-consumption that is showing up in double digit GDP growth in India and China. When the 3000 million Indians and Chinese have finally reached Germany’s GDP a massive 200 trillion plus spending tsunami/market over-saturation effect will hit the already toxic/nuclear waste riddled planet from which it will never recover even though inherent inflation will obviously diminish actual purchasing/spending power. There will be the usual conmen saying what’s wrong with China and India existing on the German level: deliberately ignoring that today Germany has no Natural Habitat or Biodiversity other than in cash crops or zoos. Germany like all major industrialised nations is a net importer of energy, food and basic resources and a leading global wastelayer – and mirrors effectively a worldwide microcosm of a typical “DEVELOPED/HONGKONGISED/SINGAPORED” society that is totally unsustainable – so that when fully “developed” China and India hit the planet’s resources and dump their toxic/nuclear waste even global warming and climate change will temporarily become minor issues amongst the global impact of the bloody wars for resources and food. The time will come when even those Porsche, BMW, Ferrari etc. owners will wish their cars were edible! The financial leverage this will give to China and India – exceeding 2000 trillion – will completely wipe out today’s financial centres ahead of the rising sea levels that will drown them anyway and effectively reverse history until climate change will put an end to it all. In the meantime the explosives originated Nobel prizes continue to be handed to people who sustain the current wars as training grounds/killing fields in readiness for the big one. It is now verifiably agreed by Scientists, Academics, Educators even Politicians that the planet destructive environmental quantum impact that has destroyed/polluted most of the natural environment/forests causing ever greater biodiversity reduction/extinction culminating in global warming and climate change is the result of the ongoing growth of human activities; growth that arises in the first instance from annual population growth of more than 80 million to more than 6750 million in 2009. Some leading observers have referred to this calamity as worse than any crime or terrorist threat: Now would it make sense if global society – while officially repudiating crime and terrorism – would through thousands of media from newspapers to entire 24/7 TV channels do nothing other than encourage/promote/stimulate/advertise/disguise such crimes and endlessly talk to criminals and terrorists not just about their skills in crime and terrorism but also how to grow such lawbreaking activities? Regrettably humans continue to deny the planet destructive quantum impact of economic growth. Knowing that it is the growth in human activities that causes climate change and knowing that human activities grow in consequence of population growth it is of course deductive (and contradicting the daily massaged statistics/propaganda from selective items/sources) that all environmental problems/climate change must get worse particularly as the “innovative environmental engineering projects” and the ongoing retro-fitting they require are major contributors to the impact growth/quantum. THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE OR REFUSE THIS GLOBAL PLANET DESTRUCTION REPORT ARE THE SAME TYPES OF HUMANS WHO CONNIVED/COLLUDED WITH THE FASCISTS, THE FALANGISTS, THE NAZIS AND ALL THE OTHER PLANET DESTRUCTION IDEOLOGIES THAT WERE CONCOCTED TO PROMOTE NATIONALISM/RACISM/SEXISM AND ECONOMIC GROWTH BASED ON THE MAD RELIGION THAT THE PLANET BELONGS EXCLUSIVELY TO HUMANS AND THEIR INSATIABLE STATE FOSTERED MASS- CONSUMPTION/REPRODUCTION/OVERPOPULATION HABITS THAT CAUSED THE MURDEROUS COLONIAL HOLOCAUSTS FOR LEBENSRAUM AND RESOURCES THAT REMAIN AN ONGOING REALITY NOW LARGELY EVIDENT IN MASS-MIGRATION, MASS-REFUGEE CAMPS AND SYSTEMIC POVERTY/FOOD SCARCITY FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE PLANET’S 6750 MILLION HUMANS. (Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon has been charged with exceeding his authority etc. and may face up to 5 years in prison and an end to his career for having dared to investigate the atrocities and murders of the more than 2 million who disappeared under Franco’s catholic church supported falangist rule.) We have finally arrived at a stage in justice where even those who investigate crimes face elimination. And then there are those who refer to anything beyond headlines as spam; they’re usually illiterate and incapable to read/understand the meaning of this global state of the world report. Hitler believed in breeding military soldiers that would fight for Germany’s racist economic predominance with weapons of war. Today all nations are breeding economic soldiers that are trampling as herdlike mass-production/mass-consumption zombies all over the planet for a quick buck fighting exactly the same war – the only difference being that the weapons are trade, financial clout and demographic quantum growth. The winner of this war is already known as Climate Change. THE SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM IS EFFECTIVELY SUSTAINING PLANET DESTRUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES BECAUSE THE OCCASIONAL FINES IMPOSED ON THE MULTI-NATIONALS HAVE TO BE FINANCED FROM EVEN MORE ECONOMIC GROWTH ACTIVITIES. In Switzerland the corruption of the judiciary has been perfected to a fine art; they will enforce the law against anyone however prominent unless the crime is for money laundering or against foreign IRS laws when Switzerland will happily ignore arrest warrants against fugitives and act as a protective refuge financed with the stolen money. A PARTICULAR SPECIALITY OF SWISS BANK UBS IS TO OPERATE ACCOUNTS IN THE NAME OF PEOPLE WHO REMAIN TOTALLY UNKNOWN TO UBS TO AVOID NOT ONLY THE SOURCE OF THE MONEY BUT ALSO THE IDENTITY OF THE BENEFICIARIES IN BLATANT BREACH OF THE LAW, FIDUCIARY DUTIES AND OF THEIR OWN WORLDWIDE ADVERTISING WHICH CLAIMS THAT UBS BANKERS KEEP TRACK OF CLIENTS LIFECYCLE EVENTS TO SAFEGUARD THEIR ASSETS. THIS IS THE UBS/SWISS GOVERNMENT FORMULA TO AVOID UNWANTED INTERFERENCE IN THEIR MONEYLAUNDERING/TAX EVASION FACILITATION. Read on about how Swiss lawyers have been willing accessories to crime. SINCE 1750 THE HUMANS HAVE PUSHED A GLOBAL PLANET DESTRUCTION IDEOLOGY THAT THEY CALL PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, CIVILISATION THROUGH GROWTH AND EXPANSION (also described as free trade) THAT HAS LEFT EVER MORE HUMANS WITH MORE MONEY THAT BUYS LESS and a growing mass of 4 billion humans subsisting on less than 2 USD a day per capita (that’s nearly twice the total world population of 1950 – so much for development and the charity rackets; philanthropy where the billions made from planet destruction are recycled to sustain economic growth) AND A LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM THAT IS COLLAPSING UNDER THE CONSEQUENCES OF CLIMATE CHANGE THAT GROWTH AND EXPANSION CAUSES. YET IN THEIR ARROGANT STUPIDITY THE HUMANS WHO PRETEND TO UNDERSTAND CAUSE AND EFFECT CAN THINK OF NOTHING ELSE BUT TO REFER TO GROWTH AND EXPANSION AS IF IT WAS THE REMEDY INSTEAD OF THE ORIGINATOR OF THE GLOBAL PROBLEMS. (if those growing 4 billion on less than 2 USD a day were handed the same amount of money that governments now print to sustain their post-industrialised, anti-immigration, anti-contraception, racist neo-Nazi nations the ensuing global war for resources, the total destruction of the remaining eco-systems and the complete wiping out of the protective ozone layer would bring the reality of climate change even to the racketeers who profit from growth because there’s no hiding place on the planet from pollution, toxic/radioactive waste, food and water shortages and an unprecedented crime wave for survival when money becomes irrelevant – that would make rats in a finite grainstore that’s emptying fast seem like benign creatures.) Of course one cannot expect those whose jobs, careers, status, ambitions and power depend entirely on the economic growth ideology to act against it. This fact has led to the global deception of “sustainable development” that is served up as the solution when in fact it is nothing other than a disguised contrick to sustain economic growth under ludicrous “green” pretences, rhetoric and slogans. In a display of typical hypocrisy a German Bundesbank Director accuses Turkish/Muslim immigrants of overpopulating Germany in flagrant contradiction of the German Pope Ratzingers’ longstanding dictatorial edict – that he learned in the Hitler youth – that Germany needs ever more anti-contraception Germans and the German governments lavish financial pregnancy/birth/child payouts to promote ever more overpopulation while the UN Vatican appointed charlatans criticise Russia for its intelligent low birth rate that means they will have the resources that are needed for future generations while the rest of the world is out stealing them wherever they can still be found. TSUNAMIS, FLASHFLOODS, EARTHQUAKES, DROUGHTS, FOREST FIRES Are they any worse than in previous times? Perhaps yes perhaps not: the point is that global overpopulation has driven ever more humans into areas where these disasters are likely to occur. When Columbus visited Haiti he was told we don’t fear Typhoons because the dense forest protects us – well that forest like all the others has been converted into an overcrowded urban slum and pesticide and agri-chemical poisoned agri-factory. Growth is an innate function of parasites and plagues; they over-proliferate/spread ad infinitum and they rapidly adapt to and overcome all forms of adversity other than their own overpopulation: their power is concentrated in mass until it exceeds available resources. Generally parasites are brainless they cannot anticipate the consequences of their destructive quantum impact if unchecked – except for the world’s most dangerous parasites known as humans that have a pathological need for destruction under the disguise of construction – following in the footsteps of the notorious Hitler/Speer architectural partnership that was going to cover the planet in ever more and bigger bunkers above and below ground. The human brain distinguishes itself by an unparalleled quantum of megalomania/stupidity whereby either all actions are attributed to some invented higher phantasmagorical figure they call “god” or to the humans’ unrivalled delusions of grandeur that make them believe they are invincible and that they can multiply and survive inside the human made bunker ideology devoid of nature and fellow species (other than pets, feedlots and animals for “research“, exhibition and entertainment) on a lavish diet of economic growth that has made them the fattest and most disease riddled plaque on earth. THE WORLD’S MILLIONAIRES CASH ASSETS EXCLUDING THEIR REAL ESTATE EXCEEDS 80% OF THE WORLD GDP OF THE CURRENT 6750 MILLION HUMANS! (so much for the make poverty history charlatans) Divided into power blocs humans are their own worst enemies and spend trillions on defending themselves against themselves. In a grotesque farce the world’s most debt riddled power bloc presently also ruled by the Vatican known as the world’s policeman/arms/war proliferator has persuaded the political/military charlatans that it will “continue” to “protect/defend” the European Union the world’s most powerful economy – to sustain its weapons exports religion that is being spread/imposed all over the world. Special war theatres are created to train the christian soldiers and to try out the new arms to provoke the global security risks that sustain the global growth of the weapon manufacturing and the military and security industry as a whole. Cynically but covertly it is called job creation because it is now the world’s only growth engine to absorb the growing billions of otherwise unemployable humans that thrive on violence, aggression and conflict with one hand while reading a 2000 year old invented, anachronistic cornucopia of nonsensical fables known as the bible and its successors with the other. Buddhism had to be opposed if not obliterated because it prohibits violence and even worse respects the equal rights of nature and fellow species within a stable co-existential balance. A total anathema to the colonising war freaks that see the planet as their god given dinner table. THE NEW FACE OF GLOBAL COMMUNISM The aptly named World bank – the world’s biggest spendthrift debt casino that has corrupted the planet with its insane debt ideology that is based on the fraudulent/deceptive/misleading premise that money can solve all problems as long as you keep printing enough of it and throw it in all directions. In the latest world bank report the charlatans have invented yet another slogan “smart developing” pretending that “development” meaning the ongoing wiping out of the planet’s eco-systems/biodiversity does not have an environmental effect. In reality of course the Vatican controlled world bank has been financing the grotesque catholic church advocated/prescribed breeding/overpopulating policy that originally caused the Colonial Empires and thereafter the Nazis to invade then communist Russia for Lebensraum – a war now continued all over the world for resources. The world bank’s achievement since its inception: To have financed the tripling of the human animal species at the expense of all other species and their natural habitat culminating in today’s holocaust with two times as many humans subsisting in dire poverty than the entire world population when the world bank was founded while more than 50,000 humans die from hunger related diseases every day: that’s why the catholic church and its servile governments do everything possible to increase the daily number of live births above the current 400,000 births every day. Naturally this planet destructive breeding policy invites competition from non-catholic “religions/countries/regions” that also perceive humans as ideal economic growth pawns that can be robotised into mass-consumption zombies/planet destruction warriors to drive economic development/expansion that causes ever more resource depletion/natural habitat destruction/biodiversity extermination/pollution/global warming and climate change. Of course like all casinos the world bank has created winners: they are the racketeering VIP’s flying around in private jets visiting the corrupt political lackeys to set up new “smart development rackets/swindles” that the world bank fools/crooks will finance because Global Warming and Climate Change do not exist for smart Developers/asses. And the “food and water security” swindle Is it surprising that some of the most profiled “environmental” advocates/activists are also lackeys of big business and parrot their pretences about environmental governance that are based on expanding the global debt based economic growth madness that caused all of the worldwide environmental problems/natural habitat destruction/biodiversity extermination/resource depletion/pollution/global warming/climate change and commensurate unhealthy lifestyles in overcrowded/traffic jammed/infernal urban bunker slums surrounded by pesticide/chemical poisoned agri-factories that some call “countryside” under the deception of “sustainable development” that is nothing other than a marketing trick to push ever more sales of ever more planet destructive mass-consumption/mass-production/mass-construction. THIS KIND OF DECEPTION HAS SUCCEEDED IN PERSUADING THE CHINESE – WHO WANT TO ESTABLISH THEMSELVES AS THE LEADING GLOBAL SUPERPOWER – TO SCRAP THEIR PLANET-BENEFICIAL ONE CHILD POLICY FOR THE SAME REASONS THAT THE RELIGION BASED COUNTRIES HAVE EMPLOYED I.E. A. TO PUSH ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGH POPULATION GROWTH B. TO INCREASE ECONOMIC LEVERAGE THROUGH POPULATION GROWTH The anachronistic infantile argument that more children are needed to support the ageing population is as idiotic as it is self-defeating in that more children means ever more ageing population ad infinitum. In economic terms the absurdity is exposed by the fact that globally more than 50% of under 30 year old humans have no regular work because mass-production including agriculture is no longer labour intensive as it has become fully automated, computerised and robotised: the only purpose humans serve today in the global economic system is as compliant shopping zombies to increase the wealth of the racketeers and their lackeys/political charlatans and their manipulated casino markets that enable them to control/exploit/rip off/deceive and lord it over the ignorant masses. Her Majesty The Queen of England has rightly demanded an explanation as to why nobody anticipated the financial crisis: It is evident that our regular press releases that predicted the financial crisis as far back as the 1990s were withheld from Her Majesty. And no doubt our prediction that everything that has been concocted to supposedly rectify the financial crisis is in fact nothing other than a repetition of the causes of the previous financial boom and bust cycles that impact on global society and worst of all on the global life support system; i.e. the environment that is now literally threatened/overwhelmed by Climate Change/Natural Habitat erasure/Biodiversity extermination. No doubt one day someone will ask why nobody anticipated the global meltdown of the environment and the usual apologies will arise. The irrevocable fact is that as long as humans are conned by the vested interests/charlatans that growth and debt are the answer to economic woes that have been caused by growth and debt in a spiral of demographic/hardware/software/construction market saturation that has caused all the planet destruction: the environmental apocalypse can be predicted as a fait accompli. DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO REIGNITE/STIMULATE THE ECONOMY THAT CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE? Harvard and a thousand similar business and MBA schools with a solid religious/god fearing background Think so because they continue to teach the worldwide planet destruction ideology that is constructed on expanding/growing the global economy and “educating” the would be racketeers/bigshots/tycoons how to do it. According to media reports the US President’s personal economic advisor Larry Summers said at the Peterson Institute for International Economics that he considers the global crisis is over because he no longer wakes up at 4am to watch the Asian markets now that they are back on the bubble trail. In effect the now all night sleeping Larry is saying that as the punters/speculators are back in the casinos everything is back to hunky-dory. The fact that they all are gambling again high stakes with borrowed money/debt that caused the previous bubble to burst is conveniently ignored/overlooked. To judge the global planet destruction economy from how well the casinos are doing is a concept that explains the previous crisis and the next one to come. Goldman Sachs has repaid the few billions it received from Gleithner a few months ago: the question is has GS made that kind of money in the Casinos or has it simply borrowed from another source as is usual when debt is repaid by big business. German Business Confidence up for the 4th consecutive month: it’s hardly surprising when you literally get free money thrown at you from the state and banks on condition that you join the confidence choir. Apple Mac sales up say the headlines but nobody knows whether the dealers have sold the stocks. So we have a global interdependent/interactive gamblers anonymous society that hypes the markets and ignores the fact that the underlying economic situation has not changed other than possibly getting worse as the fundamentals are built on quicksand, i.e. debt/borrowed money. The media are keen in spreading the hype because they want them all back as big spending advertisers. Media robots are paid to repeat names of potential advertisers ad nauseam; a Boomberg speciality…. G8 to print 20 billion USD for “food security” – that’s about 5 USD per hungry human affected. AIG got 150 billion, UBS got 60 billion, the global banking casino got more than 3 thousand billion (3 trillion) at virtual zero interest that saves them some 150 billion in interest which they now portray as profit to stimulate the markets for more of the same: That’s the real face of the new communism. Ask yourself: what did now bankrupt Lehman Bros. ever do for society other than swipe thousands of small investors out of their savings by massaging/manipulating/leveraging the global markets beyond all basic prudence/reality and issuing billions of junk bonds; i.e. bonds backed by junk? Running artificially inflated/invented markets for anything from scrap metal to pollution permits including of course debt, stocks and forex whereby massive quantities of paper are traded often far in excess of the actual numbers in existence is nothing other than a Casino without any intrinsic benefit for anybody least of all the planet which is being destroyed with the inflated growth bubbles that release ever more leveraged finance for more of the same: a global society financed with junk that is backed by junk. It’s a fact that the Lehman syndrome expanded in a world where real money earned from work did not exist; indeed they called themselves players and leveraged debt was their game. Lehman Bros. are gone but there are still thousands of traders out there manipulating the markets to justify their multi-million dollar remuneration packages. THEY SIMPLY FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF THEIR GOVERNMENT WHO RUN THE ENTIRE ECONOMY ON DEBT BY PRINTING MONEY AND ISSUING EVER MORE JUNK PAPER. The US economy that had a GDP of less than 100 billion in 1940 now has a budget deficit that exceeds the 100 billion by more than one trillion USD backed by a debt pile of some 15 trillion. THAT’S NOTHING OTHER THAN CASINO ECONOMICS GETTING READY FOR THE GROWING BUBBLE TO BURST AGAIN. The formula is simple: More debt means more economic growth means more inflation means effective devaluation of currency means millions will become petty cash when billions take over and billions will become petty cash when trillions take over and so on until climate change will put an end to it all. Like all Casinos they need an ongoing supply of suckers. G8 spokesman: if necessary we’ll wipe out the last scraps of forest left in the Amazonas and elsewhere to feed the growing masses of hungry though we don’t know what to do when more is needed……because you can’t eat money….. Contraception is out of the question – we need ever more poor to keep us rich! And the catholic church and its italo-irish croaking band-wagon of millionaires would die out if it did not breed an ongoing supply of shopping zombies/idiots. Apart from that: all the gigantic “environmental” business projects like the DESERTEC lunacy of destroying the desert eco-systems by turning them into solar energy industrial estates and the infernal wind farms that replace forests will of course not save the planet – on the contrary all these mad cap schemes serve to deceive the political charlatans that over-population is good for the growth economy as it creates ever more “jobs” that serve to destroy the planet. This has led to a spiralling overproliferation of lies and liars who – to preserve their “environmental” jobs/moneyspinners will say anything to promote/defend their rackets. So-called global economic growth which is nothing other than inflation reflects the exponential demographic inflation 1750 – 600 million humans; 1850 – 1200 million humans; 1950 – 2500 million humans; 2009 – 6700 million humans; 2050 – 10,000 million humans: the resulting global effects of endemic poverty, food and water insufficiency, unemployment, environmental planet/ozone layer/natural habitat destruction, pollution, toxic/radioactive waste over-proliferation, infrastructure collapse, climate change, overcrowding, biodiversity extermination etc. suit the expanding class of bureaucrats and racketeers who are making a self-serving money-spinning business from overpopulation accompanied by the usual propaganda lies like “green revolution“, “sustainable development“, ·carbon neutral“ etc. The G8 now better known as G20 as a due reflection of the ongoing reality of growth, OECD and UN charlatans under the directive umbrella of the catholic church and similar slogan based pop culture exponents – whose mutual back-scratching wastes billions and spreads ever more corruption – in search of new angles to promote growth/sales revenues that sustain the global VIP elites in the comfort of their ivory towers/empires have come up with a new pretense: G8 Summit to discuss principles and standards for global business dealings 06-Jul-2009 One of the agenda items at the G8 Summit in L’Aquila this week is expected to be a discussion of a proposed new “Global Standard” for international business dealings (see An Italian-led working group has drawn up, with the assistance of the OECD, a list of 12 “common principles and standards” in support of this project. To promote discussion of the issues raised by the proposed Global Standard, the OECD has launched a blog to which comments are invited. Well right under their Paris noses they have SA CHEZ FRANCE a model business of how to milk taxpayers and defraud creditors; abuse the legal process and con everybody with the french variant of the italian PONZI racket. French lawyers can protect insolvent PONZI fraudsters ad infinitum resp. as long as the fraudsters can milk the clients to pay the exorbitant fees. According to the French Tax Authorities France has more than 2,800,000 companies that are insolvent yet keep trading in a mass replica of the PONZI fraudster. Most of these companies pretend that their assets exceed liabilities when in reality their assets are worthless because they serve only one exclusive purpose: namely to increase the annual deficit/insolvency. The crooked accountancy profession experienced from helping governments cover up bankrupt economies are willing to sustain such companies for the usual backhanders. THE GLOBAL EASY DEBT ECONOMY HAS LED TO AN INTRINSIC CRIMINALISATION OF BUSINESS PRACTICES AS EVERY CROOK, SWINDLER, FRAUDSTER JUMPS ON THE RACKETEERING BANDWAGON AND STAFF AND MANAGEMENT MUST COMPLY WITH THE DISHONEST/DECEPTIVE/CRIMINAL PRACTICES OR LOSE THEIR JOBS. Corrupt Government easy debt practices are encouraging the criminals to believe that their rackets are welcome/tolerated as they create “jobs” particularly in the exponentially growing ranks of bureaucrats/environmental rackets as ever more red tape is produced that facilitates/encourages criminality/fraud/dishonesty. The debt ideology has poisoned the global fabric of society; it has turned an ever larger number of Business/tradesmen into rip off cowboys/botchers/dodgers who despise work/quality/craftsmanship preferring to lounge about extorting money while refusing to pay their bills. The notorious CATO Institute a Swiss sponsored/financed pressure organisation that upholds the “rights” of the racketeers to offload their billions into secret Swiss bank accounts and similar offshore tax evasion shelters – from where the money goes straight back into financing more planet destruction- berates its own government for trying to uphold United States laws. CATO supports/promotes Swiss government action that they will seize 52,000 secret tax evasion accounts illegally held by US citizens with equally notorious UBS and prevent the US justice department from prosecuting the criminals involved. This action seems to gather certain political support as some of the secret accounts involved are held for notable US politicians and other influential tax evaders who see Switzerland as a safe haven for all those commissions they get for peddling their influence. The Swiss government is also protecting its own law profession that have for decades acted as nominees for money laundering criminals. One of its previous “justice” ministers had to resign when it became known that her lawyer husband had acted as a front for a major South American drugs cartel. Switzerland has siphoned off more than 50 trillion USD from the global economy; interestingly that sum is about equivalent to global debt. THE GLOBAL DEBT RACKET IS CONSIDERED “SAFE” ECONOMIC PRACTICE BECAUSE WHEN THE TRILLIONS OF DEBT HAVE BEEN WASTED ON PLANET DESTRUCTION AND THAT INCLUDES ALL THE “ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY” THAT’S WIPING OUT THE NATURAL HABITAT/BIODIVERSITY THE DEBT PILES WILL SIMPLY BE RETIRED WITH NEW TRILLIONS IN WHAT THE CHARLATANS AND THEIR PAYMASTERS PROUDLY TRUMPET/PROMOTE AS “SUSTAINABILITY” IN THE BIGGEST DECEPTION OF ALL TIMES. When Karl Marx developed the finer details of communism he intended to improve the living and working conditions of the slaving working masses; it only worked in a few countries all of whom were and remain reviled by the trading arm of the catholic church whose business managers aka priests/bishops/cardinals/popes have a history of pursuing every avenue/crusade to wipe communism and competing religions off the face of the earth. Not an eye brow of protest was raised when the church going, bible reading, praying Nazi officer class developed Barbarossa with intent to wipe out communism and the people who believed in it. Apologists and Revisionists abound everywhere, making a fat living from justifying the Nazi attack on Communism because Communism was the antithesis of the bible that says that the rich shall be given more and the poor shall be taken away from. DON’T WORRY TODAY’S COMMUNISM IS FULLY BIBLE ADHERENT: Following decades of massive over-production, over-construction, over-consumption and consequential environmental over-destruction that made more millionaires than in the previous millenium and produced more billionaires since the age of the Dynosaurs to such an extent that the resulting trillions of monopoly/confetti money/chips that sloshed around the global market casinos led to a gambling boom/bubble where absolutely nobody knew anymore who owed what and billions were jumbled around like sand on a beach aka derivatives, futures, options, CDCs etc. A global market casino that permitted the known/accredited punters to borrow any amount to pursue their gambling extremes/addictions to buy up competitors; drive up valuations instead of values; and finance phenomenally expensive lifestyles that the ordinary masses who as forced consumption zombies helped to keep the appearance of “economic growth” alive could only dream of or watch in catholic colour magazines as the appropriate lifestyles of those who deserve it. Elaborate church weddings being a particular speciality of marketing the illusions. Of course they could not know that economic growth is nothing other than inflation because nobody had ever taught them this fact. So why has Communism made a big come back? When the debt bubble blew right into the face of those who had created it they went screaming to their political lapdogs who in turn used their dictatorial democratic powers they command after the usual false election promises – demanding trillions to replenish their worthless gambling empires with new chips to start the whole planet destructive economic growth process anew. The subservient central bankers, smalltime, overpaid, little bureaucrats who by their servility do whatever is politically convenient decided in conjunction with the political charlatans that this time round COMMUNISM SHOULD BE AN IDEAL SOLUTION WHEREBY THE WORKING MASSES SHALL PAY FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE WEALTH OF THE WEALTHY: The wealthy have never put their money into savings because they have never saved anything. They build their empires on debt and debt pays for their private jet/yacht/golf/polo/party etc. lifestyles. So the cunning central bankers saw a perfect opportunity for a communist solution: the little people; i.e. the slaving working masses who had been stupid enough to save and put some money on the side they would now be milked in a triple whammy to bring back the good times for the world’s church/temple etc. going/god-fearing class of debt juggling racketeers who some call “entrepreneurs”. They would no longer get any interest on their savings. They would thus be forced to spend, spend, spend to reignite the sales boom/bubble that sustained the racketeers empires until market saturation burst the bubble Their currencies would be devalued to such an extent that they would realise that saving is stupid and debt is a god given opportunity that should never be missed. THUS TRUE COMMUNISM HAS BEEN RESTORED GLOBALLY: THE MASSES ARE NOW FINANCING THE WEALTHY “POOR” TO SUSTAIN THEIR EXCLUSIVE EXISTENCE. In a prime example of bureaucratic cynicism/waste taxpayers have been further milked to finance an organisation called “eurosif” that is designed to “ADDRESSING SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH FINANCIAL MARKETS” a cunning way to sustain the financial markets that have caused unsustainability; appropriately this outfit is based in Paris, France. Of course the political charlatans pretended that this new communism would benefit the masses in that it would create “jobs” where humans can earn between 10-30K a year for slaving away 40 hours a week to keep the wealthy in the comfort of their high security compounds. Yet all the trillions pumped into the debt riddled global economy has not produced a single additional job while millions have lost theirs despite the ingenious scaremongering of the catholic political elite about terrorism/muslims that has condemned millions to low life jobs as security guards/military personnel – the only growth industry remaining in what has become a global concentration camp for the non VIP masses. To help finance the new face of communism hundreds of billions are pumped into military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan that are a weapon suppliers eldorado with contractors waiting in the wings to rebuild the bombed out wastelands with more billions from the Worldbank and IMF. In the global software war Microsoft has shown its leadership by monopolising access to computers/internet by the simple expedient of forcing millions into wasting their lives as moronic clicking zombies by the simple expedient of ever more absurd/insane/idiotic changes to what remains the same under a new name, colour, window, etc. Each new Microsoft system is one step forward and five hundred back. After years of pushing hundreds of different idiot versions of XP down the throats of the defenseless shopping zombies microsoft finally decided to climax stupidity with vista a program fit for morons shuffled together by the 1000 corrupted professors microsoft employs to transgress basic common sense and efficiency for unlimited greed, avarice and world domination. The internet itself has been made into a criminals paradise: take so-called “tracking cookies” which are nothing other than “stalking” which in real life is a criminal offence but on the internet considered smart business practice that in turn finances protection rackets that will help your computer to avoid stalkers. A cunning way of usurping planet-saving efficiency that has been copied by every bureaucracy on the planet. The internet/computers were supposed to wipe out global paper waste – in fact paper consumption has more than quintupled in the last five years as everything has to be backed up by paper. Printouts are specifically programmed to waste as much ink and as much paper as possible. Of course printer ink costs more than a printer in the global virtual business that has created more avaricious, greed-driven racketeering billionaires than any other industry. BECAUSE AND THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF THE NEW FACE OF COMMUNISM: THE MONEY GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE POCKETS OF THE RACKETEERING CLASS TO BOLSTER THEIR DEBT RATINGS. A conclusive argument has been voiced by the renowned Swiss Bank known as Credit Suisse that says that the junk bond market is again buoyant. And indeed banks are again hiring and paying multi million dollar salaries/remuneration to their dealers/traders who do nothing but shift debt from one desk to another to manipulate the markets. Nobody has explained why a few million of racketeers that make money from gambling/manipulating markets should receive remuneration packages that are on average more than 500 times greater than what the average worker gets in a whole year of slaving. This form of communism where the poor pay for the rich is promoted and underscored by the political propaganda on the basis that all you need is to become an apprentice and learn how it’s done to join the class of wealth. The ensuing economic growth/inflation will no doubt make ever more paper millionaires but it will not prevent climate change/natural habitat destruction/biodiversity extermination on the contrary it will accelerate the planet destruction scenario for all. THE GLOBAL MIRACLE The global economic crisis has apparently completely resolved all environmental issues: intensive daily attention to all “news and information” dished up as “shows” by the media has literally eliminated all mention of ecological damage; climate change; deforestation; natural habitat destruction; biodiversity extinction; pollution; resource depletion. Instead a concentrated mutually supportive sales promotion campaign has been ignited to persuade the gullible halfwits who still listen/read/watch the “news shows” that the economy that caused all the environmental issues in the first place is recovering and will soon be back into that “GREEN SHOOTS” growth pattern that burst the previous bubbles. Banks, Companies, Corporations, Municipalities and entire countries with total liabilities/debts that exceed Net Tangible Assets by 1000% or 2,000% and more are presented as harbingers of good news because they are again growing their business on that ideal formula of cheap debt. They think that as long as there is energy to run the printing presses to print all the new money, junk bonds, share/option/futures/derivatives certificates that mean everything can only go up – everybody has forgotten that previously it all went up – in smoke and ashes for which global warming is only partly to blame! When real interest rates will eventually be re-introduced the current delirium about growing returns to profits will come back to Earth. It will be solved by more debt in an endless saga of humans ueber alles until the bubble bursts again until the time when all the debt in the world will not feed the growing masses. Today people want money and the IMF, EU, Worldbank and Governments are throwing it at them. Tomorrow they will want food that all the money in the world can no longer buy. IT WILL LEAD TO THE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS OF A GLOBAL MOVEMENT THAT WILL IN DUE TIME REFORM OR SWEEP THE CHARLATANS AND THEIR POLITICAL/INSTITUTIONAL/EDUCATIONAL AND CORPORATE PLANET DESTRUCTIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH/BOOM AND BUST BUBBLE IDEOLOGIES AND THEIR VESTED INTERESTS OFF THE PLANET TO RESTORE LONGTERM SOCIO-ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL-ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY FOR ALL THE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE CORRUPTION OF GLOBAL SOCIETY ALL COUNTRIES HAVE RESORTED TO THE ENVIRONMENT DAMAGING/CLIMATE CHANGE CAUSING STUPIDITY TO PRINT EVER MORE MONEY TO KEEP THE DEBT FINANCED CASINO ECONOMY AFLOAT FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE THAN TO PROVIDE MORE ENVIRONMENT DESTRUCTIVE, RESOURCE DEPLETING, WASTELAYING EMPLOYMENT FOR A GROWING SURPLUS POPULATION NEEDED TO CONSUME THE SURPLUS SERVICES AND HARDWARE THAT THEY ARE THEMSELVES EXPECTED TO HELP OVERPRODUCE AND THAT ARE FLOODING/OVERSATURATING THE MARKETS. In a total corruption and perversion of the financial system a small one thousand euros/dollars/pounds/francs etc. income a month can buy you one hundred thousand euros etc. of hardware/services on long term credit yet to earn one thousand euros etc. in interest per month you would need a capital of at least 2 million euros. Thus planet destructive over-consumption/over-production/over-proliferation is driven two fold by promoting population growth and by forcing profligate/environment damaging over-spending instead of saving. The inherent madness of over-consumption on credit is in the fact that it leads to an automatic over-production bubble that ironically requires ever less labour/jobs: to make a table and a few chairs you can employ as many carpenters but to make a million tables and chairs all you need is a conveyor belt and machines so that the more debt financed over-consumption is promoted the less humans are needed to produce the goods: It’s turning global society into a gang of desperate sales gumps where everybody must sell something to pay off credit/debt under the corrupt protection rackets of the “law profession”, “creative accountants who know how to shove the big debts into opaque subsidiary companies” and the “financial racketeers who make a killing selling junk bonds/futures/derivatives/options and other credit instruments”, “conniving/crooked central bankers who drop interest rates to near zero to keep the rackets in business” all under the benign guidance of the mostly bloated, overweight, ham-chewing scratch my back I’ll scratch yours bureaucrats/politicians who see it all as a big vote catcher on the “something for nothing” formula they use for their own feudal existence/powerplay/regal lifestyles that are also debt-financed by this worldwide self-destructive babylonian growth bubble scenario. EVERYTHING IS DRIVEN ON QUANTUM GROWTH AND OBSOLESCENCE INSTEAD OF QUALITY IT’S THE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE OF THE CORRUPTION OF GLOBAL SOCIETY AND CLIMATE CHANGE Quality is stability, longevity, solidity, reliability without growth; it has been perverted and corrupted by quantum that can only thrive on growth that fuels the global debt financed throw away economy that has been concocted by the charlatans and their crooked racketeering friends to sustain overpopulation that sustains the global quantum growth explosion. In a display of unparelleled stupidity AND LACK OF FORESIGHT an ever larger number of countries are increasing their debt financed quantum growth through incentives that cause population growth – knowing that this will inevitably fuel climate change and all the other environmental/social/economic damage. In essence it can be said that everything that is wrong is driven on quantum growth and everything that is right by quality: the contradiction is in the fact that today quality can only be afforded by the wealthy who make their money from quantum. ANY COUNTRY WITHOUT FREE PUBLIC ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION MUST TODAY BE CONSIDERED REACTIONARY. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOTIVES THAT DRIVE ENVIRONMENT DAMAGING GROWTH? Apart from the systemic cause and effect syndrome of the debt financed economy that requires non stop growth to prevent collapse (each time growth has oversaturated markets there is a collapse yet humans in their infinite stupidity ignore this opportunity to foster stability and renounce growth); ever
  2. Wonderful stuff, truth at last praise the Lord.
    Only took me half an hour to find anyone mentioning the corrupt industries of this world !
    all the best

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