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Action for happiness

I’m going to come back to this when I have a little more time, but a new campaign launched this week. Called Action for Happiness, it’s the brainchild of Richard Layard and it’s a ‘movement to create more happiness’. It has a lot of potential, a lot of enthusiasm, and perhaps more going on than you might think from the slightly twee first impressions.


  1. What a funky little video. As for the same part of your brain getting lit up when you do good things for others, there’s a cool Podcast called Urban Dharma ( You can hear some talks on Happiness.. I think one of the coolest things I ever heard was (similarly) this metaphor they used on how Buddhists believe all our ‘stomachs’ are connected, which is why, not only do we feel good when we eat, but when we feed others as well, and big picture, a Buddhist is never really ‘full’ until everyone around him/her is ‘full’.. what an amazing image!

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