What we learned this week

  • The Guardian continues to evolve its response to the climate emergency, and this week published a climate change dashboard.
  • At their annual conference, Britain’s Liberal Democrat party voted to back a Universal Basic Income. The Lib Dems are not the force they were, but it marks another step towards the mainstream for Basic Income. (The Green Party also supports BI)
  • Governments resist them, campaigners often demand them without necessarily thinking it through, so it’s useful to The Economist’s perspective on how ‘outright bans can sometimes be a good way to fight climate change‘.
  • As an experiment, I’m dropping the latest posts from this week in at the bottom, for those catching up. Let me know if this is a helpful feature or not, and I might add it every week.

What we learned this week

Here’s a neat sign of the decline of fossil fuels. Porsche know that their cars tend to have a long life on the roads, so they’re investing in alternative fuels as a way of providing for Porsche owners who will be running their petrol sports cars long into the transition to electric. And another – […]

Building of the week: Torre Reforma

On May 23rd, 2007, the world passed a very specific milestone. That was the day, according to a demographic study, that the global population went from majority rural to majority urban. The scales tilted towards cities, which were growing in both number and size. At 21 million citizens, Mexico City is one of the largest, […]

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