What we learned this week

If you had $1,000 to give to help stop climate change, where would you make those donations? Grist ask the question and get part way to an answer.

Pollution is a racial justice issue, and that is more widely known in the US than in Britain. Good article on the subject by the World Resources Institute.

On the subject of justice, half of all global emissions from aviation are from 1% of the global population.

Assembly is the magazine from the Malala Foundation, and the latest issue is guest edited by Greta Thunberg. Assembly publishes “original work by girls, for girls”, but when these two work together, you want to pay attention.

An aspect of climate change that is rarely discussed, and even more rarely among the developing countries that are most vulnerable – so good work by Vice in addressing PTSD in children in Zimbabwe following cyclone Idai.

The government announced its 10 point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. I haven’t written about it because everyone else has, but I’m going to come back to it in future posts. In the meantime, here are the ten points and the government’s plans in more detail.

This week’s posts, for those catching up:

In defence of electric vehicles: carbon emissions

I’ve written a couple of articles recently about electric cars and some of the common criticisms of them. In particular, I’m interested in the ‘friendly fire’ criticism from environmentalists who overstate the problems in order to champion public transport or cycling. But in so doing, they play into the hands of the fossil fuel industry […]

Book review: Seven Ethics Against Capitalism, by Oli Mould

If you’ve read the title of this book and felt your blood rising at the idea of anything or anyone being ‘against capitalism’, this book’s not for you. Go and read Doughnut Economics, which interrogates capitalism is some imaginative ways. You can come back and read this one later. Oli Mould’s book is for those […]

What we learned this week

“We are attempting to give away a fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change” writes Mackenzie Scott, formerly married to Jeff Bezos, and who gave away $5.9 billion last year. “In this effort, we are governed by a humbling belief that it would be better if disproportionate wealth were not concentrated in […]

Race and the urban heat island effect

My new book, Climate Change is Racist, is mainly about the global injustices of climate change. But it includes more local perspectives, highlighting how people of colour are disproportionately vulnerable to both the damage of climate change, and the damage of the fossil fuel industry itself. These sorts of concerns are well known to the […]

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